2018 Workshops

This will be a newborn workshop specifically designed for the Indian audience. I have extensive experience doing newborn sessions for Indian families. 

You will learn all about newborn posing, wrapping, props and studio lighting so you can get the best images straight out of camera. Additionally, you will also learn my flow posing techniques to maximize the number of poses in a short time. We will explore creative angles to shoot images, safe shots, and exposing to Indian skin tones. Not only that, you will also spend 2 hours editing with and without my actions in photoshop. We will go over business side of art as well - how to set expectations, what works for Indian cliental, what is guaranteed to bring success in your shoot taking culture into account, what not to say in the initial consultation call, how to manage contracts, prep guides and questionnaires and when to reschedule shoots or say no.  

Bring your cameras because you will also be shooting each pose and learn all about angles. You will be able to use all the images you take for your portfolio. We will edit 2-3 newborn images start to finish and have an open Q&A discussion at the end of the session. 

Limited to 8 students.


Day Overview

9:00 Meet and Greet

9:15-12:30 Newborn Wrapping, posing and beanbag workflow

12:30-1:30 Lunch and editing

1:30-5:00 Prop, flokati, wrapping and Q&A.




Each student is responsible for transportation and accommodations.


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