What to Wear

So you’ve worked on a suitable date that works and booked a professional photographer for that photo shoot that you’ve been planning for ages. Great! Now the next billion-dollar question you ponder over is “What to wear?” In fact we so often neglect to invest the importance on this question at times that we end up in a panic at the last minute.

Choosing the appropriate attire is very important in photography and adds to the visual interest. Solid colors, large patterns paired with strips photograph very well as opposed to small prints and strips. For kids, I personally love lots of texture, ruffles, lots of layers over tops and skirts and such. Accessories including shoes are a personal preference.

I personally like to keep the accessories to a minimum and shoes that are close toed with details, color and bling. Here is a guide to help you put together outfits that would help you achieve a dreamy look or a dramatic look or something just in between. Just remember, DO NOT TRY TO MATCH COLORS. It’s not trendy anymore.