The key to a successful Arangetram is preparing much in advance and getting a lot of help.

About a year in advance, inquire into available theaters / auditoria, their rental costs and whether their schedules fit yours.  Be sure that the light and sound equipment, backstage and green room areas are acceptable.

Once you have reserved the space, consider what you would like to include in your invitations. If you would like to include photographs done in a studio in full Bharatanatyam garb, please contact me at that time to plan. A studio shoot should always be directed by the Bharatanatyam guru of the student. So make sure you have a couple of dates available from the guru and the make-up artist before reaching out to me. I also do outdoor shoot usually in the VA countryside in a rustic backdrop. We can talk about your vision and what you expect from the session in the phone call.

3 months in advance of the event, please contact me to discuss the photoshoot for the actual event. I would want to make sure I have access to the auditorium ahead of the event to ensure I can read the available light and angles needed. I would need to know the protocol for the shoot. Decide if you are okay with photographers moving around during a performance or not. Based on that preference, I will need to set up my cameras.